How long does a roof last?

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In this temporary world, nothing is permanent. Every single day we observe a lot of changes. Even in our moods, circumstances, nothing is permanent then how can a roof of a house be permanent and last forever? Now the question arises how long does a roof last? Living in a house, we all have an idea about their walls, rooms, ceilings, and roof too. We have an idea about its condition but can’t exactly tell how long it will last. Roughly we can say that a roof lasts for approximately 30 years.

What factors impact on roof lasts?

How long a roof lasts depends upon many factors.

  • Atmospheric conditions: Wind storms and high temperatures can reduce the span of the roof.
  • Materials: The use of cheaper materials may seem beneficial but it costs more. In this case, you have to change the roof again and again while the use of expensive material in your roof can increase its lifespan.

Signs that give you an alert to change the roof:

  • If you notice any kind of roof leakages, it’s a sign your roof is giving for its changing.
  • If the roof tiles are not in a good position, then this is also an alert.
  • The condition of your roof seems damaged; for instance, your roof material is broken or cracked.
  • If your roof is dangling, then you need to change the roof.

If you observe any sign that is mentioned above, then change the roof immediately. It will prevent you from big loss.

Different roof types and how long they last:

How long does a roof last? It primarily depends upon the material which is used in roof making.

Asphalt shingles:

The most useable material in roofs is asphalt shingles. The reason behind its excessive use is it is available at a reasonable price with a long warranty. But how long Asphalt shingles last? Normally It lasts between fifteen to thirty years. But keep in mind it depends upon climatic circumstances. Dramatic temperature changes can affect its span.

  • 3 tab shingles have a span of fifteen to twenty years
  • Premium shingles have a life span of twenty-five to forty years

Metal roof:

How long does a metal roof last? The average life span of a metal roof is forty to seventy years. For metal roofing copper and zinc is used and it lasts more than other metals. The types of metal roofs with their types are listed below

  • Stand seam has a life span of fifty years.
  • Ribbed panels have a span of twenty-five to fifty years.
  • Stone-coated has a span of thirty to fifty years.

Clay tile Roof:

How long does a clay time roof? Clay tile roofs usually have a life span of fifty to a hundred years with a warranty of 30? years. Climatic factors don’t have particular influences on such roofs. Clean this roof as a precautionary measure because moss can be dangerous for it.

Slate tile roof:

How long does a slate tile roof? It lasts from seventy-five to two hundred years with a warranty of 50 years given by manufacturers. Extreme weather conditions don’t affect it.


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