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How Much Does Roofing Labor Cost Per Square | Roof Replacement Cost

Your homes are your shelters, and roofs are one of the essential structures of homes. It gives a proper shape to your house. Roofs not only shelter you through thick and thin but also your precious possessions. We can’t understand the value of things until it doesn’t remain with us. Likewise, you can’t measure the value of your roof until it isn’t. To better protect your assets, it’s better to replace your roof timely, but the question must click in your mind how much does roof replacement cost?

Roofs are made from different types of materials. Different materials have different life spans. Some need to be replaced soon while others can be with you for a long time. It all depends upon the material you use. It also depends upon weather conditions. Sometimes a roof needs to be replaced after a severe storm.

How much does riding labor cost per square

Roof replacement cost depends upon the area, material used in a roof and labor cost.

The cost of material ranges approximately from $100 to $1000 per square. The cost of roof replacement depending upon materials are following

  • The price for 17 square asphalt shingles cost $ 2500.
  • Galvanized steel is $3000
  • For stainless steel is $14000
  • For copper is $ 25000

On average, despite the material cost, there is 60% labor expenditure.

How much does roofing labor cost per square?

The cost to replace the roof depends upon the area. Here is the estimation of the labor cost of roof replacement per square. There is a 60 % labor cost of the total. The cost of labor ranges from $1.50 to $3 /sq. Foot.

Cost to tear off

To install a new roof, you need to remove the older one, and it normally costs $1 to $5/ sq.foot. If you need extra support for heavier elements, you have to pay an extra amount.

Roof replacement cost according to material

  • The cost of roof replacement while using asphalt shingles is $5300 to $11000
  • Wood shake requires $10000 to $20000
  • Metal roofing price ranges $5000 to $12000
  • The cost of tile roofing is $ 7000 to $18000
  • Slate roofing needs $18000 to $45000

Other components to consider while calculating the Roof replacement cost

Other elements can affect the cost of the roof, which are the following.


Nails are small but an important component for the replacement of roofs. The cost of a single box of nails is 16$ to 27$.

Roof lining

Experts often recommend roof lining, which can prevent water damage. It protects you from leaks and other problems.


Like the other parts of your house, your roof needs ventilation. If there is no proper ventilation, then the hot air can cause damage to your roof material. It can increase the span of your roof.

Roof flashing

It is a method in which joints have been sealed so that water doe not trapped. Sometimes it is ignored in many estimates. Discuss this with your contractor.


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