How to Clean Moss Off the Roof and Stop Moss From Growing in the Future?

How to Clean Moss Off the Roof and Why Is It Important to Clean?

What is a Moss?

If you are looking for How to clean Moss off roof, you must know about moss.

Moss is a tiny plant that needs a damp climate to thrive. It commonly develops on north-facing roof planes in North America because they receive less direct sunshine and stay damp longer than south-facing planes. More shade is provided by overhanging tree branches, which also drop detritus on the roof, storing moisture and providing food for moss.

Why is it important to clean moss off the roof?

You might believe that moss on your roof looks beautiful just like ivy crawling up the side of your house. Although moss is appealing, it is detrimental to your roof. It is because Mosses collect water through their leaves instead of their roots. As a result, They’ll develop roots directly into the shingles of your roof, potentially damaging them and causing roof leaks.

How to clean Moss off the roof?

Here we will provide you step by step guidelines that How to clean Moss off the roof:

1.Safe attire:

Wear proper attire for the work. Dirt will get on your clothes regardless of the cleaning solution you choose. Safety glasses, rubber gloves, old clothes, and nonslip footwear are all required. You’ll need a safety rope or harness if you’re climbing ladders to the roof.

2. Scene safety:

Cover any neighboring flowerbeds and plants with plastic sheeting. Place your ladder in the appropriate location. Take the garden hose and work your way up the ladder cautiously.

3. Spray water on the roof:

Spray the moss-covered roof with the water from the hose. It’s necessary to start at the top and work your way down the roof.

4. Brush the moss away:

Next, use your soft bristle brush to remove as much moss as possible from the tiles. You can have better control of the brush and save energy if you work on one tiny portion at a time.

5. Spray the moss-killer:

After you’ve scrubbed the area as clean as you can with the soft bristle brush, spray the roof with your moss-killing solution. Spray the moss removal cleanser on the roof with a large spray bottle or the backpack sprayer.

6. Remove dead moss:

Return to the hose and work your way up the ladder slowly. Rinse off the moss-killing solution and dead moss with the hose aimed towards the roof’s peak. Scrub away any leftover moss with the soft bristle brush.

How to Stop moss from Growing in the future?

There are chances of moss to grow back on your roof. So, some preventive measures are necessary to be taken in this regard.

You need to Install zinc- or copper-coated sheet metal strips immediately below the top ridge on both sides of the roof to prevent moss from growing back.

Copper is more harmful to moss, while zinc is a lot cheaper. Sheet metal comes in rolls, which you may cut into two to four-inch strips. Use roofing nails or screws with a rubber washer to fasten the strips to the roof.

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