What Is a Square in Roofing

What Is a Square in Roofing and How to Measure Squares in a Roof?

There is a unit to calculate most of the things around us. Now, what is a square in roofing? Just like that square in roofing is also a unit to calculate the roofing materials such as shingles, tiles or other materials. It is a unit that is equivalent to 100 Square feet.

It describes the size of your roof. It is the amount of material used to cover a 100 square feet area of the roof. This is the term used by experts in the construction industry. While giving an idea about the cost of your house roof replacement, manufacturers often used this term. So it’s better to understand what a square is in roofing. It will help you a lot.

How much does a square of roofing cost?


While calculating the price of the square of the roof, it includes many factors. It depends upon house location, size of the roof, deadline of time, roofing materials’ market value, and quality.

Calculating roof square size

What is a square in roofing shingles?

We have already said that square means 100 square feet, but it may or may not be true. For example, for extra protection from water piercing, we need extra roofing shingles that can overlap each other in an area of 100 square feet, but that shingles are not merely 100 Square feet. The area remains 100 Square feet but not the roofing materials used in that area.

Roof style and shape

The shape and style of the roofs are different. Some are square while some are totally or a little bit round. Then in that case, what is a square in roofing? In this case, the area remains 100 Square feet but not the material; it may be more or less depending upon the shape and style of the roof.

How to measure squares in a roof

To measure squares in a roof, here is a complete guide.


To measure how many squares a roof has, first you should have all the equipment. This equipment includes a measuring tape, notepad with pencil, ladder, and a helper.

Precautionary measures:

Be careful sometimes the roof is slippery, and in case if you don’t tread carefully, it may be a cause of your injury.

Measure Area:

Calculate the length and width of each plane of your roof, then find the area by multiplying length and width. Add all the areas to get the total square area.


To find a square in roofing, divide the total area you find in the above step with 100.

Above is a complete guide about square in roofing, how to calculate its cost, and the factors on which it depends, and the steps we should know while measuring. If you still find any ambiguity feel free to contact our roofing contractor in Portland and benefit from our free consultation service. Our skilled experts with more than 13 years of experience feel glad to help you.


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