How Much Does It Cost to Get Skylights Installed

How Much Does It Cost to Get Skylights Installed? | Benefits of Installing Skylights

We all are attracted to natural elements. Are you in desire of natural light at your homes? Skylight is one of the natural lights that can naturally enlighten our house. It can add 30% more light than other sources like windows. Besides the soothing effect of the skylight, it can reduce our energy cost with the extra benefit of ventilation. But how much does it cost to get skylights installed? The price is not as much as it gives you countless benefits. Even it helps to reduce your billing expenditure. It gives your house an attractive look.

How to decide if your home is right for a skylight

Before going to answer, how much does it cost to get skylights installed? You need to know if your home is right for a skylight. You need to check if your roof is mapped out with trusses. Check out whether roof space is free for installation. Whether your home style is fit for the installation of a skylight.

How much do skylights cost installed

According to experts, it has been estimated that the cost for the installation of a skylight is anywhere between 959$ to 2397$. Labor charges include $500. The most precise answer of how much does it cost to get skylights installed depends upon its types. Following is the further illustration of price with types.

  • Fixed skylight installation costs $150 to $ 1500. These are like windows and unable to open.
  • Ventilating costs $300 to $ 2500. It is often installed in kitchens or bathrooms. The remote control helps to control the ventilation.
  • A flat roof cost $ 250 to $2000. It is especially for flat roofs. Leak proofing material and dome cover is used.
  • Dome skylight installation ranges from $200 to $3000. This option is for large windows and has no ventilation.
  • Sun tek costs from $ 200 to $3000. Instead of glass polycarbonate materials are utilized.

Benefits of installing skylights

Installation of skylights requires investment but a smaller one than the cost of bills that you have to pay in the long run with the extra benefit of ventilation.


Science has proved that natural light can increase our productivity rate and energy levels.

Better vision

Most of our day is spent while looking at a screen. It has not had a pleasant effect on our eyes. Natural light helps us to see more clearly without exerting pressure on our sight.

Fresh Air

The extra and most effective benefit of skylight is ventilation. Most of our tasks are indoor, and we haven’t found time to go out and get some fresh air. It’s a great opportunity for us to enjoy the fresh air with natural light at our homes.

Above are the guidelines for the installation of skylights, their cost, price, and benefits. For more information, feel free to contact our roofing contractors in Portland and benefit from our free consultation. Our experts with 13 years of experience feel glad to help you and guide you in every step.


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  1. Charlotte Fleet says:

    I find it so interesting that skylights can increase productivity and improve energy levels because of the natural light. My husband and I both work from home and we want to boost our energy and productivity during the day. We’ll have to look into having a skylight installed in our home to let in natural light and improve our focus while working.


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