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One of the essential and crucial components of a building is the roof. It provides us protection and saves us from many catastrophes. That’s why a person tries his best to use the best shingles for ultra protection of the roof. However, sometimes even the best shingles also cause certain problems. You may have faced a roof leak problem during heavy rain. In such conditions, you may get anxious because you are not familiar with DIY roof leak repair. No worries at all! Give this article a read then you’ll be able to handle such circumstances easily. If the roof leak is severe, you need to get it repaired by a professional, but you must also know a temporary solution in an emergency.

Tools required

Depending upon the condition of the roof leak, different tools are required. Some of the crucial tools for a general roof leak repair are listed below:

  • Flashlight
  • Utility knife
  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Nail
  • Roof patch
  • Caulk gun

How to Find Roof Leaks?

If your roof is leaking, then you must know the exact location of the leak to resolve the issue. You have to find the actual position. The most evident thing is the water stains. Due to water leakage, the particular area may become a little wet, and big dark spots appear. Use a flashlight to pinpoint the location. And also, use a magnifier to get a clearer view of the roof leak.

How to Fix it?

This paragraph will provide enough information to DIY roof leak repair. There are many steps to fix the roof leak. These steps are discussed below:

1. Use a flashlight

The first step is to use a flashlight and pinpoint the location of a roof leak.

2. Identify the leak

Now examine the area from where your roof is leaking.

3. Divert the leaking water

To fix the roof leak, you must divert the leaking water and make the area dry. Insert a nail on the leaking site so that it could attract the water and make the water flow in one direction only. After that, keep a bucket under the nail and let the waterfall inside the bucket.

4. Encircle the area

Mark the area from where water is leaking with the help of a bold marker. It will make your sealing process easier.

5. Insert a Roof patch

After making the roof leak prominent, insert a roof patch to stop further leakage of water. Insert it carefully and ensure that it has been stuck tightly against the roof.

6. Caulking gun

It’s a useful tool that has some material inside it that helps in the proper sealing of minute gaps and small holes. Use a caulking gun to seal the leaking roof properly.


A Roof leak is a problem that usually occurs during heavy rainfall. The leak of the room may be severe or minute, depending upon the roof’s condition. If it is extensive, then you must consult a professional roofing contractor in Portland to solve the issue however, if it is a minute leak, then this DIY roof leak repair article will help to cope with this problem. Do follow the steps and easily repair the leaking roof on your own.

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