CertainTeed Landmark Vs. Landmark Pro

What Is the Difference Between CertainTeed Landmark Vs Landmark Pro


Home is the most loved and the most precious place for every individual. Our homes are not just buildings that shelter us but something much more than that. So in this regard, the home’s roof plays a vital role in making our daily life happier because it protects us from thunderstorms, heavy rain, and other destruction. So if you are going to replace your roof shingles (A dual-layered roof covering that imitates the wood shakes), you must ensure the quality and brand of the shingles first. In that case, CertainTeed is the best brand admired worldwide. But now, you may be thinking about how you could know the difference between CertainTeed landmark pro vs. CertainTeed landmark premium. To get your query answered, keep a keen eye on this article.

What is CertainTeed?

CertainTeed is a worldwide famous industry located in North America. It’s a commercial industry founded in 1904 that makes products related to roofing, insulation, ceiling, gypsum, etc. It sells guaranteed products ranging from 10 years to almost 30 years.

CT Landmark Series

There is a series of CertainTeed landmarks. CT landmark shingles are the most demanding products in the market. However, there are further types of CT landmarks. You must have enough information to differentiate between CertainTeed landmark vs. landmark pro, briefly discussed in this article. A few types of landmarks are listed below:

  1. Landmark Pro
  2. Landmark Premium
  3. Landmark IR
  4. Landmark TL

Landmark Pro

  • Landmark Pro is a double-layered shingle that is designed in such a way that looks and works like a real wood shake.
  • Landmark Pro is the most reliable and the most demanding shingle in the market, which has construction almost similar to CT Landmark, but it’s quite heavier than CT landmark because it is composed of Asphalt, which is black, semi-solid form of petroleum.
  • The average weight of Landmark Pro is 270 pounds per square.
  • It uses Max Def Colors and thus provides alluring color shades than any other landmark shingle.

Landmark Premium

Landmark pro and landmark premium are almost the same. However, there are a few differences listed below:

  • It’s also a double-layered shingle that provides eye-catchy and captivating roofing. It is also engineered in such a way that resembles the true wood shakes. It’s a luxury shingle with greater strength and available at a reasonable price.
  • It has enhanced durability, and it’s quite heavier than Landmark Pro. It has guaranteed algae resistance.
  • The average weight of the landmark premium is almost 300 pounds per square.
  • It has many color shades in different varieties but less than that of landmark Pro.


All the shingles of CertainTeed have unique and excellent characteristics. There are still differences between CertainTeed landmark and landmark pro. The differences are also in terms of the lifetime warranty. Here is a brief sketch of warranties of CertainTeed landmark pro and landmark premium.

  • 50 years warranty against manufacturing flaws and shortcomings.
  • SureStart protection up to 10 years.
  • Algae protection for 15 years.


So after reading this article, you may have come to know about the differences in CertainTeed landmark vs. landmark pro. All the shingles have almost similar qualities, yet they may vary in design, color, weight, life expectancy, etc. However, all the CT shingles are suitable for your homes as CertainTeed is a highly recommended brand.


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